Kiyokuni Europe Limited’s progression method offers an efficient manufacturing solution ranging from 110 tons to 400 tons

As well as our manual presswork capabilities, Kiyokuni also provide a progression presswork service.  Suitable for the Automotive, Industrial and Off-Highway industries, Kiyokuni’s progression presswork allows us to automate complex projects and work multiple forms on one piece of metal.

Our progression method provides our customers with an efficient, high speed manufacturing solution for high volume precision component production. Progression presses are often used to manufacture smaller, less intricate metal pressings and can produce components at higher speeds than manual presses.

Our Progression Press Machinery include:

  • 1 x 400ton Aida Servo Progression Press
  • 1 x 300ton Aida PMX Progression Press
  • 1 x 300ton Aida Progression Press
  • 1 x 250ton Amada Progression Press
  • 1 x 250Ton Chin Fong Progression Press
  • 1 x 160ton Aida Progression Press
  • 1 x 110ton Aida Progression Press

Why Use Kiyokuni’s Progression Presswork Service?

An advantage of Progression Presswork is the production cycle time. Depending on the part, productions can be run well over 800 parts per minute, allowing our customers to receive high quality finished parts, sooner than ever. 

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