Kiyokuni Europe Limited operates an extensive range of manual and progression presses. Ranging from 25 tons to 400 tons

Kiyokuni Europe Limited are the leading providers of bespoke metal presswork services across the UK. We operates an extensive range of manual and progression presses, ranging from 25 tons to 400 tons. Highly flexible, we are capable of producing low volume metal pressings through to high volume batches of 500,000 parts per month.

How Does our Presswork Services Work?

Pressings are manufactured from the raw material coil, in thicknesses of up to 4mm and widths of up to 800mm. In one multi-stage operation. Or, if necessary, utilising our range of secondary processing equipment which complements the progression presses.

Handling both intricate precision pressings as well as larger fabricated components, Kiyokuni Europe can produce finished pressings using a range of ferrous and non-ferrous materials. These are most commonly steel and aluminium.

Quality Metal Pressings

The expertise to use multi-stage techniques allows Kiyokuni Europe to increase efficiency and production capacities, reduce changeover periods and offer customers a flexible service. This also means we can respond quickly to new projects or changing requirements.

Kiyokuni Europe works closely with customers to offer a one-stop solution that will support them throughout the entire project. From design, manufacture and assembly process, all the way through to the finished product. This ensures they are receiving the best possible service and Kiyokuni can deliver the best possible solution to meet their requirements. Click here for more details.

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