Leading Aluminium Welding Specialists

Benefit from our highly skilled assembly team operating a wide range of assemblies & welding equipment

High-Standard Welding Services

With Kiyokuni Europe Limited, you can benefit from a highly skilled assembly team operating a wide range of assemblies & welding equipment, servicing varying customer requirements as a single service or or as part of our ‘one stop solution’.

Welding equipment includes machines for MIG welding as well as medium frequency spot welding machines for high quality weld integrity. Kiyokuni also utilise auto nut feeding equipment allowing nut orientation and speed to be optimised throughout production.

Using pre-determined welding parameters, set programs control the welding characteristics with password protected automatic machine stops in case any parameters fall out of the welding range. The Welding equipment also has weld count sensors and limiters, along with weld coupon analysis, to gives a robust method of quality control for our welded parts. We are able to construct bespoke fabrications in carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminium. However, if you require a special resources, our team can support the requirements of your projects.

Welding Methods

At Kiyokuni, our expert team can perform a wide range of welding services. The most common ones that we offer include gas welding, metal inert gas welding, tungsten inert gas welding and spot welding.

Kiyokuni’s assembly bench equipment operates with bar code technology and signals from electronic sensor jigging in order to facilitate 100% checking and quality assurance throughout the assembly process.

Hi spin and press riveting are also available to incorporate our standard air gun/manual assembly techniques. This can then be add to a computer aided picking system for assistance with more complex assemblies.

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