Plant Capacity

Our factory includes the following equipment:

Part Production Equipment:

1 x 400ton Aida Servo Progression Press
1 x 300ton Aida PMX Progression Press
1 x 300ton Aida Progression Press
1 x 250ton Amada Progression Press
1 x 250Ton Chin Fong Progression Press
1 x 160ton Aida Progression Press
1 x 110ton Aida Progression Press
1 x 50ton Press Brake 1.0 metre bed length
1 x 20ton Amada EM251ONT NCT Press with MP series Sheet Feeder (sheet size 3m x 1.2m x 3mm max)
1 x 6kw Amada Fibre Laser machine with ASL/UL Series Sheet Feeder (sheet size 3m x 1.5m x 25mm max)
1 x Guillotine
1 x Roller Leveller
10 x Spot Welding Machines up to 150kva

1 x 200ton Blanking Press
6 x 200ton Presses
3 x 110ton Presses
4 x 80ton Presses
1 x 100ton Press Brake 3 metre bed length
2 x 80ton Press Brake 2.5 metre bed length
4 x Mig Welding Machines
1 x Robotic Mig Welding Cell
2 x Multi Spindle Tapping Machine
2 x Single Spindle Tapping Machine
1 x Single Riveter
1 x 5ton Hydraulic Press
2 x 25ton Hare Hydraulic Press



Quality Assurance:

1 X 3D Coordinate Measuring Machine
1 x Shadow Graph


1 x Sodick ALC600G Wire Cutting Machine (max working capacity 600 x 400 x 250)
1 x XYZ 2 axis CNC Milling Machine SMX SLV
1 x XYZ 3 axis CNC Milling Machine     SMX4000
1 x Milling Machine
4 x Surface Grinding Machine
1 x Conventional Lathe
1 x Bandsaw
1 x Radial Drill
2 x Solidedge 3D Cad software
2 x Amada VPSS (for NCT)
1 x Metalsoft CAD (for NCT)