One Stop Solution

Ensuring the most practical and cost effective solution is delivered, with the utmost quality.

Kiyokuni’s one stop solution means we can produce anything from simple pressings, to complex assemblies right here. Kiyokuni Europe have the in-house expertise to support customers from the design and development stage of the manufacturing process, all the way through to the finished part.

One Stop Solution

Kiyokuni Europe’s one stop solution will simplify your supply chain, reducing costs and improving lead times by removing common logistics headaches. By streamlining your suppliers and therefore your communication channels you can significantly benefit from having better control over the entire process.

Implementing Kiyokuni’s understanding of practical application and technical expertise early on, in the design and prototype stage, will ensure the smooth running on the manufacturing process and reduce the risk of downtime and amendments along the line.

Kiyokuni strive to build strong partnerships with customers and gain a full understanding of the entire project in order to produce the best solution for your requirement, every step of the way.

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